The Races at Antigua Sailing Week: A Thrilling Maritime Spectacle

Antigua Sailing Week, an event that blends the thrill of competition with the laid-back Caribbean vibe, is back for another exhilarating edition in 2024. As the sails billow in the warm Caribbean breeze, the picturesque island of Antigua transforms into a playground for sailors and spectators alike. Let’s dive into the heart of this annual celebration of maritime prowess and island hospitality.

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Celebrating Easter in Antigua and Barbuda: A Fusion of Culture, Tradition, and Vibrancy

Antigua and Barbuda is considered a Christian nation and as such Easter is celebrated and revered. Easter is deemed the culmination of the Death and resurrection of Jesus (God’s Son) on the 3rd day. The date for Easter varies and is determined by The Christian Ecclesiastical Calendar (it can fall between March and April of any given year) In Antigua and Barbuda, Easter is celebrated with two public holidays- Good Friday and Easter Monday.

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