About us

At Blue Waves Carribean, we are passionate about creating unforgettable experiences for our guests in the stunning paradise of Antigua and Barbuda. With years of expertise in hospitality, we take pride in offering exceptional accommodations and personalized service that exceeds expectations. Our mission is to provide a home away from home, where guests can relax, rejuvenate, and create lifelong memories in this Caribbean haven.

Meet the founder: Natasha

Welcome to Blue Waves Carribean, a reflection of the deep-rooted passion of Natasha, a proud native of Antigua and Barbuda. Born and raised in these enchanting islands, Natasha’s love for her homeland runs through her veins and is ingrained in every aspect of this extraordinary retreat.

Growing up amidst the captivating landscapes and vibrant culture, Natasha developed an intimate knowledge and appreciation for the hidden gems that make Antigua and Barbuda truly special. Her genuine connection to the community and the island’s rich heritage fuels her desire to share this remarkable destination with visitors from around the world.

Having witnessed the transformative power of these islands firsthand, Natasha embarked on a mission to create a haven where guests can experience the true essence of Antigua and Barbuda. With her intimate understanding of the local traditions, she carefully curates every detail of Blue Waves Carribean to offer an authentic and immersive Caribbean experience.

Natasha’s commitment to showcasing the best of her homeland extends beyond the aesthetics. She actively collaborates with local artisans, businesses, and organizations to support the island’s economy and promote sustainable practices. By choosing Blue Waves Carribean, guests directly contribute to the growth and preservation of Antigua and Barbuda’s natural beauty and cultural heritage.

As a proud resident of Antigua and Barbuda, Natasha’s warm hospitality and insider knowledge bring a unique touch to the guest experience. From sharing off-the-beaten-path recommendations to organizing cultural excursions, she is dedicated to ensuring that each visitor leaves with cherished memories and a deep connection to the islands.

Join Natasha on a journey that goes beyond ordinary accommodations, as she invites you to immerse yourself in the captivating beauty and warm embrace of Antigua and Barbuda. Discover the authentic spirit of these islands through the eyes of a true local at Blue Waves Carribean.

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